Hailing from the Tuscan countryside, Bosconi Records stands out as one of the most creative and productive electronic music labels to emerge from the Italian scene in the last years. Founded and managed by Fabio Della Torre, with the assistance of long-time fellas Rufus Niccolo` and Ennio Colaci, Bosconi counts a catalogue of over 40 releases, ranging from big-room dance floor burners, playful disco-house to avant-gardist experimental house and techno. Responsible for launching local acts like Mass Prod, Herva, Life`s Track, The Clover and recently Nightdrivers, Bosconi`s artists repertoire includes releases and remixes by international figures such as A Guy Called Gerald, Scott Grooves, Ricardo Miranda, Marcello Napoletano, Alex Picone and Altered Natives among others.  



CAB DRIVERS – “BACKSIDE 50” – CABINET 50 – PREMIERE CAB DRIVERS – ALTERNATIVE ACTS EP – CABINET RECORDS CAB DRIVERS B2B @ BOILER ROOM TRANSILVANIA    Berlin-based Cab Drivers are Dj Zky & Daniel P, both producing dance music since 1992. In 1994 they founded Cabinet Records and with that they became among the first to forge a new esthetic in house music, made of chasing, advanced 909 programming, clean, minimalistic sound design and subtle lines of funk and latin melodies. They have released 6 vinyl 12-inches and many other classic cuts under the names of Compass, Horseshoe, Warten Borgmann & The Poor Knight . In 2006 Richie Hawtin picked the cream of the Cabinet`s repertoire, collecting it into a 2 x 12” and CD compilation released on Plus 8, which has become an essential must-have. Later more tracks from the duo got pressed on DAP, Seasons Limited 1, Sonar Kollektiv, Pokerflat, Highgrade and Sharivari Records. While they closed 2012 with a killer 12” on Cabinet, U R Here & Five, new releases are planed 2013 for their own label and the legendary Daniel Bell`s imprint 7th City.



  Broadcasting timeless, route one techno from the heart of Berlin since 1996, Cabinet records has come to epitomise the rough underground sound of a city like few others. The label has a distinctive, stripped down sound, forged by label founder Daniel Paul, DJ Zky and DJ Trike among others. Not only do their productions contain explosive energy and a generous helping of phuture funk but there’s also a spontaneous, live vibe captured here. The tracks evolve effortlessly, with each new idea reaching its logical conclusion through a mesh of 909 beats, warm analogue basslines and feverish hi hat patterns – a knack that’s all too conspicuous by its absence nowadays. Label showcases packages must include either CAB DRIVERS or DANIEL PAUL plus one or more of the artists below : Audio Werner Barbara Preisinger DJ Honesty Mitch



DANIEL PAUL & AUDIO WERNER – TOCKER / WILDPARK – CABINET RECORDS / January 2017 Daniel Paul, founder of Cabinet Records and member of Cab Drivers and Slope, is one of the most essential yet underrated figures in the history of German house music. At the beginning of the 90s, the young east Berliner Daniel Paul fell in love with the rising Berlin techno scene, which was in those days represented by clubs like E-Werk, Tresor and WMF. Inspired by night-clubbing excursions and his growing passion for acid, Chicago, Detroit House, jazz and techno, Daniel started DJing and building own studio bit by bit. Things started getting serious when he began DJing at clubs like Tresor; clubs where he himself once went dancing and had fun. In the meantime he gathered experience in music production and a unique sound aesthetic started to emerge… During his Civil Service, Daniel met his future partner-in-crime, Jens Augustowsky aka Dj Zky. Together they started the label Cabinet Records, which went on to develop its own unique style. This can be described as early minimal progressive house with subtle references to jazz, funk and latin music. The label soon gained a lot of attention and […]


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XLR8TR PODCAST # 522 BSS aka BOSCONI SOUNDSYSTEM – UNREQUESTED STATE OF BLISS LP – BOSCONI RECORDS MINIMONO – “GOBLIN” – ON THE EDGE EP – INNER BALANCE Fabio Della Torre aka Corcos is an Italian DJ/producer from Florence. A leading figure in Italy’s electronic music scene, Della Torre is the brains behind Bosconi, one of his country’s most esteemed house music imprints. Alongside Ennio Colaci, Della Torre also produces as one half of production duo, Minimono, themselves veritable purveyors of discerning electronic music. Della Torre’s DJ career began in earnest at Florence’s infamous Tenax club back in 1995. Since then he has appeared in practically every Italian nightclub of note, as well as a range of global institutions. Panorama Bar for example, hosted a Bosconi label showcase, while Concrete Paris, Tresor, DC10, Rex Club and Flash DC are all among those who have played host to Fabio’s unique sound. Fabio’s association with Tenax is still well and truly alive today, as these days he DJs at the club as a monthly resident. An association that’s indicative of his timeless sound, his longstanding relationship with the club affords him a unique opportunity to showcase his wide-ranging skills to Florence’s many […]




HARMONIOUS THELONIOUS – APAKAPA EP  – THE TRILOGY TAPES (October 2017) HARMONIOUS THELONIOUS – ABEL EP – VERSATILE (August 2017) VA – HARMONIOUS THELONIOUS – AYRANMAN EP – DISK – (July 2017)   In 1997 Stefan Schwander aka Harmonious Thelonious started his career in electronic music under the name ANTONELLI ELECTR. Countless singles and seven albums und live- performances in the whole of europe, canada, japan followed. Ten years later he came up with the Harmonious Thelonious Alias and a very raw, percussive, hypnotic sound esthetic, influenced by american minimalist music and african, dense rough beats, but still with an ear for melodies. The interweaving of these melodies and the so called tribal rhythms are the main themes. Under the new moniker singles on his own imprint, Asafa, as well for the londoner Dreck and the Belgian Meakusma have been released in the last three years. The long players called `Talking`and `Listen`were released on Italic records in berlin, while remixes for Tru West and Ben Zabo came out in 2013.  



OVERSIZE PODCAST # 5 LIVE FOR TRANSMEDIALE VORSPIEL / CASHMERE RADIO @ ACUD MACHT NEU, BERLIN / 29.01.16 NIGHTDRIVERS – NIGHLIGHTS 12″ – NIGHTDRIVERS 002 Martino Marini`s Massprod is a project engaging in different fields  of electronic music, from house and techno to experimental and ambient electronics. Deep, maniacal research on analog production, raw drums, futuristic, ‘out-of-space’ harmonics are all integral parts of his signature sound. To push the dance floor experience a bit further, somewhere else…someplace new, is the goal. Fast or slow, harsh or mellow, the aim is also to get a hypnotic communion, a tribute to the power of our bodies vibrating at the same speed. Music as an unconscious way to bring back memories from our past and bring to life a new way of understanding present changes. Since the first live set in 2003 at Link (Bologna), Massprod has been performing as live or dj act all around Italy and Europe, hitting North and South America. Circoloco resident Dj since 2010, he has been spinning a number of times at Ibiza`s DC10, Sankeys in Machester, Watergate Berlin, Zukunft in Zürich, and regularly in some of the best italian spots, like Link, Milan`s Magazzini Generali, Goa […]


MODUS – PIANO CHAIN / THE GARDEN OF SINUS – 10″ EP – MARMO MUSIC   MODUS – QUATTRO – 12″ LP – WO LAND  Techno and nature, randomness and sequencers, straight rhythms and spoken words! This is MODUS (Massimo Pegoraro) b.1981, he has always been dedicated to the search, study and experimentation about musicology. Leading member of genoa based collective Wo Land, headed by his friend Mass Prod, the music moves over different forms and styles, focused around a kind of sacral-highly-narrative electronic. Love and curiosity about synthesizers and composition are two essential features of the sound path Modus wants to propose in every performance.


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LIVE X DISCO SAFARI @ DUDE CLUB, MILAN NIGHTDRIVERS & BASSA CLAN – ANNIVERSARY EP PART 2 – TENAX RECORDINGS NIGHTDRIVERS –  FUNNY THANG EP – OUT ON HOLIC TRAX IN MARCH 2017 Obscure, extraterrestrial forces, advanced engineering and adventurous night visions meet garage-house classicism and inspirational records digging. There might be no better sentence to describe Nightdrivers, a striking symbiosis aiming to quake the dance floor, a project born in Berlin from the studio partnership of Mass Prod and Rufus. Since their first track got released on Bosconi Records in summer 2013 for Bosconi Stallions 12-inches compilation, the duo published a series of distinctive and terrific sounding records for the likes of Claap, Holic Trax and their personal imprint Nightdrivers. Nightvisions 12″ (Nightdrivers 001), for instance, has been played by the likes of Omar S, Daniel Bell, Zip, Maayan Nydaan, James Priestley and Barbara Preisinger. The men behind the pre-apocalyptic experimental ensemble Tru West  (with Herve Corti), now with Nightdrivers are crafting a mix house and techno characterized by quirky sound effects, warm melodies, ethnic flavors and raw striking 909 rhythm programming. The two have also proved to be a highly inspired and devastating DJ pair, rocking clubs like Panorama Bar, Club Der […]



Rufus – Ritual Chants EP – Bosconi Records Rufus – “Under The Line” – Bosconi Stallions Vol- Bosconi Records Niccolo`Daniel Rufo, better known as Rufus, is a forward-thinker, 360° vinyl collector and technically impeccable DJ of guaranteed striking effect on dance-floors. After moving to Berlin in 2013, beside collaborating as A&R advisor for Bosconi Records, he has widened his production perspectives and approaches, first as part of Tru West for Marmo Music (along with Mass Prod and Herve Corti) and as Nightdrivers together with Mass Prod in the field of big room house and techno. Nightdrivers Nightvisions EP and Nightlights EP, as much as the duo`s debut EP on Bosconi, have left the mark and a distinctive sound signature, a unique blend of house and techno, well known and played by the likes of Daniel Bell, Ricardo Villalobos, Zip, Raresh, Secretsundaze, Barbara Preisinger, Omar S and Cab Drivers, among others. As in 2015, Rufus returned after 5 years from his first “Like A Virgin EP” with a solo Ep on Bosconi (‘Black N’ Blues’) , further own productions on Bosconi with another EP in 2016 on Bosconi named “Stranger In Paradise” featuring a remix by Herva, on the lyonnese label […]


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Guest of Lele Sacchi for popular dance music program In The Mix (Radio 2 Rai), Rufus is spinning some of his most recent and upcoming productions, both under his solo moniker and as Nightdrivers. Radio Rai In The Mix In the last half hour you`ll listen to… Nightdrivers – “Scudiscio Disco” – upcoming on Tenax Recordings Rufus – “Rodha`s Groove” – Basse Resolution Nightdrivers – “Funny Dub Ya Know” – Holic Trax Nightdrivers – “Rising” – Holic Trax Rufus -“Sad Eyes” – Bosconi Records Rufus -“Sleepy Song” – Bosconi Records Rufus -“Stranger than Paradise” – Bosconi Records    


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Tru West – The Rise & Fall of The Eurojesters EP (feat. Remixes by Herva and Marcello Napoletano) – Marmo006 – Out 25.04.2017 Born by chance on an evening in October 2012, Tru West is an experimental music project originally formed by Martin Hopkins (aka Mass Prod) , Rufus Niccolo`and Herve Atse` Corti (aka Herva). That evening, at Mass Hypnosis Research Studio in Berlin-Tempelhof, the magic happened with four intense hours of improvisation, free-style clarinet playing, records sampling, synthetic vibrations, a number of effects and overdubs. That night they undressed of their dance music uniforms, they jammed towards the unknown, releasing some of their wildest and most visionary music instincts. That night they played the Decline of Western Civilization, whose recording came out months later in two parts for Marmo Music Recordings, featuring remixes by Dj Sotofett, Harmonious Thelonious and Mass Prod. Whether you want to call it improvisational Jazz-Ambient or free-style Psychedelia, Tru West is essentially the expression of a call for freedom, an escape from the rigid structure of club music, yet leaving behind traces of it. Sounds from different ages and places get processed and dubbed through different kinds of techniques, shifting the space of sound, passing […]