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Moire Patterns aka Homeless House live debut @ Propaganda, Moscow, 20.07.2013 – The Recording

homeless house propaganda

Moire Patterns returned to Moscow`s Propaganda this July with his first Homeless House live show ever.
Armed with sequencer, drum machines and his beloved Sh 101, he blew the crowd away, playing over the set duration, as they wanted more and more…

Among the recent output appearing on Claap and Knuggles Recordings, the live featured also some fresh material created for both Moire Patterns and Homeless House (the project with Dj Kriton) repertoire to come.

Here you can have a glimpse of what happened there:


Nightdrivers, the new project by Mass Prod and Rufus, debut on the Bosconi Stallions Complilation, OUT NOW!

Bosconi Stallions Compilation, OUT NOW

Marmo Artists Mass Prod and Rufus teamed up as Nightdrivers on the first Compilation by the italian imprint Bosconi.

The pair worked together in Berlin to deliver a raw, sample based groover “Quanto Tempo Ci rimane” . Hypnotic groove and subtle use of samples, it brings you back to the dark atmospheres of the film noir.

The compilation, released as mix cd and as 4 Lps, features another collaboration by Mass Prod and this time Alex Picone as Brothers In Low. The resulting track, “Testacorta”, is one of the hottest in the whole package.

Listen & Buy:
Bosconi Stallions Teona /
Bosconi Stallions Neged /

Bosconi Records:

Ekkohaus feat. Rufus in “Buzzin Fly”, OUT NOW on Moon Harbour Recordings

Ekkohaus – No School LP – Moon Harbour


Click here to see the official video.

In the middle of May, Greek producer Ekkohaus released his first Long Play on Moon Harbour recordings.

The tracklist contains Material from 2010-2012 and features several Collaborations, including a track that Ekkohaus made with Marmo Artist Rufus, among other ones with Lady Blacktronika, Robert Würz und Jon J-Lab.

The pair, knowing eachother since more than 10 years, sat together in the P.Berg studio of the Greek, and the result is “Buzzin Fly”, a warm, sample based 4/4 groover that works on both your head and heel with its contrasting textures and lush melodies.

More on Rufus:

Mass Prod presents AQWA, his debut album on cassette – out now for Further Records

Mass Prod – AQWA – Further Records

Format: Cassette (download code included)

Catalog Nr: FUR076

Releasedate: Jun 2013


1. Abusers Beat
2. Thirst
3. Aqwa
4. Modus
5. Vapor
6. Cloro Cut

Italian-American artist, Massprod, follows issues on Kontra-Musik and Bosconi with a raw-to-the-bone debut album of grooving analogue works for the excellent Further Records. ‘Aqwa’ takes in chirruping martian melodies, mixed with rhythmelodic hardware emissions and a healthy amount of textured tape noise.

Listen and buy:
Further Records

Mass Prod on Marmo:
Mass Prod

OUT NOW : Moire Patterns’ Essential Play I on Knuggles Recordings

Moire Patterns – Essential Play I – Knuggles Recordings


Format: 12″ / digital
Catalog Nr: KNR 006

Releasedate: 10.06.2013 vinyl / 17.06.2013 digital




Moire Patterns sends his most essential hellos to the world, with his new release on Knuggles Recordings, featuring two delicious tracks on 12″.
On the A Side Moire Patterns and Nic 2Birilli welcome the summer with a live recorded jam, a balearic journey unto its own; while on the flip side he has created a piece of work with 808 garage elements that set off waves and twirl you into ecstasy. Mixmasters will love this one.

Listen here:

Buy here:

Knuggles Website:

First Part of the New Pattern Series by TARO, OUT NOW!

Rotary Cocktail Recordings / RC038


Format: 12” / digital

Catalog Nr: RC038

Releasedate: 10.06.2013 vinyl / 17.06.2013 digital


aSide – Pattern One

bSide – Pattern Two

Artwork by Tabita Hub, Mixed by Redshape, Mastered by Calyx.

“Patterns” is a new series which will be exclusivly released on Rotary Cocktail Recordings.
The concept is, arranging and playing everything live using only the given options from each synthesizer like CV/Gate, Trigger signals, Chord Memory, Arpeggiator´s, Pitch Benders and Hold functions.
Pattern One + Two are done with a TR-909 and Juno-6.

Listen and Buy at your favorite record store or here:
Spacehall / Juno / and many more..

OUT NOW! Cab Drivers – Droped Eye EP, Cabinet Records

Cab Drivers – Droped Eye EP – Cab 34

cab drivers - droped eye ep

Format: 12” / digital

Catalog Nr. : Cab34

Release date: vinyl 25.05.2013 / digital end june


A1. Droped Eye

B1. Beatnight 77

B2. Erstwurf Zweiter

Straight out of Daniel & Zky’s Machines, the latest EP by our favourite Cab Drivers is the result of the duo’s comeback to the live performance. Three new tracks that have been conceived for the Dancefloor and have been widely tested in their new live set with smashing results.

At the same time 4 on the floor banger and elegant tool, the new Droped Eye Ep brings the sound of Cab Drivers to its most present chapter and transports you into another endless night ride.

listen and buy at:

Cab Drivers on marmo:
CD Marmo

Cabinet records:

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