Bosconi label night


Hailing from the Tuscan countryside, Bosconi Records stands out as one of the most creative and productive electronic music labels to emerge from the Italian scene in the last years.

Founded and managed by Fabio Della Torre, with the assistance of long-time fellas Rufus Niccolo` and Ennio Colaci, Bosconi counts a catalogue of over 40 releases, ranging from big-room dance floor burners, playful disco-house to avant-gardist experimental house and techno.

Responsible for launching local acts like Mass Prod, Herva, Life`s Track, The Clover and recently Nightdrivers, Bosconi`s artists repertoire includes releases and remixes by international figures such as A Guy Called Gerald, Scott Grooves, Ricardo Miranda, Marcello Napoletano, Alex Picone and Altered Natives among others.