Daniel Paul


Daniel Paul, founder of Cabinet Records and member of Cab Drivers and Slope, is one of the most essential yet underrated figures in the history of German house music.

At the beginning of the 90s, the young east Berliner Daniel Paul fell in love with the rising Berlin techno scene, which was in those days represented by clubs like E-Werk, Tresor and WMF.

Inspired by night-clubbing excursions and his growing passion for acid, Chicago, Detroit House, jazz and techno, Daniel started DJing and building own studio bit by bit.

Things started getting serious when he began DJing at clubs like Tresor; clubs where he himself once went dancing and had fun. In the meantime he gathered experience in music production and a unique sound aesthetic started to emerge…

During his Civil Service, Daniel met his future partner-in-crime, Jens Augustowsky aka Dj Zky. Together they started the label Cabinet Records, which went on to develop its own unique style. This can be described as early minimal progressive house with subtle references to jazz, funk and latin music. The label soon gained a lot of attention and recognition in the music scene. Acts and projects like Cab Drivers, Horseshoe, The Poor Knight, Honesty, Aka Elektrik and Melt Brothers scored a series of outstanding releases at the time, defining the refreshing uniqueness of Cabinet Records.

In 1999 Daniel started the The Poor Knight, setting up a live project together with the percussionist Raúl.  Its musical variety gathered the interest of the Jazzanova crew and their freshly founded imprint Sonar Kollektiv. Soon after meeting them Daniel Paul became a member of Sonar Kollektiv and began working on his own label Mermaid Records; one of the famous Sonar Kollektiv affiliated labels. In this way Daniel managed to finally release his more jazz-influenced productions, under Slope for example, the project together with fellow Hans Schaaf aka Honesty.

Between the end of the 90s and beginning of the 2000s, we see Daniel Paul focussing more and more on Slope and his Sonar Kollektiv related collaborations.

A series of highly acclaimed records by Slope with enthusiastic press feedback followed: Para los Pinchas in 2001, remixes for Daniel Magg on Compost records,  a Slope remix for Freestyle Man in 2002, work for Jazz legend Paul Kuhn on the revisited series of Berlin based label Crippled Dick Hot Wax, the first Slope album M on Sonar Kollektiv in spring 2003 and co-productions for the new album of italo – western – score-writer icon Alessandro Alessandroni.

After a few years break between 2004 and 2010, Daniel and Dj Zky bring back Cabinet Records to full operations and an exciting release schedule from the likes of Cab Drivers (Daniel Paul & Dj Zky), Honesty and Daniel Paul himself among others.