28.09.13 Marmo @ Shift Berlin w/ STEKKE, MOIRE PATTERNS LIVE, RUFUS

saturday 28 September 2013 Marmo Music presents 33/ypm featuring STEKKE (aka idee / Nomumbah) [Yoruba / Sketches Records] MOIRE PATTERNS – LIVE [Knuggles Recordings, Claap] RUFUS [Bosconi Records, Marmo] ab 23:00 / 5 Euro Eintritt One year ago, first Marmo party in town. Thirty three years ago, its man behind was born. Time to celebrate… Hailing from Sao Paolo Brazil, The Edge Club residents Ale Reis (aka Nomumbah / Dubshape) and Renee Mussi (aka Idee) are presenting Stekke, their new studio project for their forthcoming vinyl label, Sketches, for which they are currently preparing an album. The duo will be adventuring into a 4hrs dj journey landing on varied dance territories, proving a highly eclectic selection, ranging from early house, Detroit techno and NY garage, heavily inspired  by dub, folk and IDM sounds. Ale Reis, considered a heavyweight of Brazilian underground scene, reached world-wide recognition through his records as Dubshape and Nomumbah for Kompakt, Yoruba, Strictly Rhythm and Soul Jazz. Following the steps of his mentor Ale, Renee has emerged as very talented and versatile disc jockey, prized in 2012 by RMC Festival (Rio Music Conference) as best Brazilian Dj. In the bill also the Marmo home heroes Nikolaos […]

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LINKS: facebook event ARNAUD LE TEXIER [Children Of Tomorrow, Melt Music] THE ANALOG ROLAND ORCHESTRA LIVE [Ornaments, Rotary Cocktail] MASS PROD [Wo_Land, Bosconi Records] Marmo Music takes over Wilde Renate joining forces with the London party brand Melt Music, a synonym of selective underground house within the English capital`s scene. Special guest is Arnaud Le Texier, Melt Music resident and much more. His history starts far back in the days, running one of the best record stores in Paris and becoming resident at Paris` Queen Club in the second half of the 90ties, when the club was its best. After founding Atcha Recordings and Safari Electronique, platforms aiming to preserve and further develop his un-compromising and experimental taste for electronic music, in 2005 Arnaud moves to London in search of new motivation. Pretty fast his amazing dj skills and spot-on selecta grabbed the attention of the local scene, leading him to regular slots at Fabric, T-Bar, Kubicle and Secret Sundaze among others. With a particular instinct in scouting “next-big talents”, Arnaud has developed a certain ability to anticipate and shape the taste of the scene. Through Safari first and his newer imprint Children Of Tomorrow later, he has signed or […]

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04.04.13 Marmo Music presents J VELEZ aka Professor Genius LIVE

Thursday 04 April 2013 J VELEZ aka PROFESSOR GENIUS :: LIVE :: L.I.E.S, Rush Hour MASS PROD :: LIVE :: Wo_land, Bosconi Records RUFUS :: Bosconi Records VINCENT MANFUOCO :: Marmo Music From 23:00 / 5 Euro entry @ Loftus Hall, Maybachufer 48, 12045 Berlin Resident Advisor facebook event Following the epic return of Cab Drivers live at the last event, on April the 4th we strike back Loftus Hall with a very marmoreal guest and we honestly couldn`t go for a better choice. Hailing from New Jersey, US, we welcome Jorge Velez, aka Professor Genius, for his only and exclusive Berlin gig of this European tour. Moved by the love for synthesizers` sound, after playing keyboard in a post-punk band until the mid-nineties, Velez completely dedicated himself to electronic solo projects. Since then he has been creating his own diverse music, ranging from disco, releasing for the cult Italo revival imprint Italians Do It Better, to the the ambient and techno journeys for L.I.E.S and MMT Tapes. It`s with the mysterious self-released MMT Tapes series of limited 12” that only recently Jorge Velez amazed the world, to the point that Rush Hour collected it into a double LP. This […]

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22.02.13 Marmo night @ Loftus Hall, Berlin

celebrating Moire Pattern`s birthday & Album Teaser 12” release on Claap… LINE-UP RUFUS :: Bosconi Records MITCH :: Melting Point Record Store CAB DRIVERS :: LIVE premiere :: Cabinet Records MOIRE PATTERNS ::Knuggles Recordings, Claap EVENT LINKS resident advisor facebook ab 22:00 / 5 Euro before 00:00 / 8 Euro from 00:00 @ Loftus Hall, Maybachufer 48, 12045 Berlin, DE February the 22nd is a special day, and Marmo will turn it into a special night, for different reasons. We are celebrating Nikolaos Moire Patterns` birthday, which coincides with the release of his Album Teaser 12” for Claap Records. For the occasion, our man will prepare a very unique dj set with lots of unreleased material from these months of productive fertility. Birthday bash also for Mitch, owner of the cult Berlin record store Melting Point, a real house music connaisseur, whose selection won`t save anyone from amazement and joy for grooving. Very special guests of the night are CAB DRIVERS and we are extremely honored to have them playing a brand new live set for the first time in 10 years !!! Berlin house pioneers Cab Drivers are Dj Zky & Daniel Paul, founders in the mid-90ties of seminal […]

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