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In 1997 Stefan Schwander aka Harmonious Thelonious started his career in electronic music under the name ANTONELLI ELECTR. Countless singles and seven albums und live- performances in the whole of europe, canada, japan followed.

Ten years later he came up with the Harmonious Thelonious Alias and a very raw, percussive, hypnotic sound esthetic, influenced by american minimalist music and african, dense rough beats, but still with an ear for melodies. The interweaving of these melodies and the so called tribal rhythms are the main themes.

Under the new moniker singles on his own imprint, Asafa, as well for the londoner Dreck and the Belgian Meakusma have been released in the last three years. The long players called `Talking`and `Listen`were released on Italic records in berlin, while remixes for Tru West and Ben Zabo came out in 2013.