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[Children Of Tomorrow, Melt Music]

[Ornaments, Rotary Cocktail]

[Wo_Land, Bosconi Records]

Marmo Music takes over Wilde Renate joining forces with the London party brand Melt Music, a synonym of selective underground house within the English capital`s scene.
Special guest is Arnaud Le Texier, Melt Music resident and much more.

His history starts far back in the days, running one of the best record stores in Paris and becoming resident at Paris` Queen Club in the second half of the 90ties, when the club was its best.

After founding Atcha Recordings and Safari Electronique, platforms aiming to preserve and further develop his un-compromising and experimental taste for electronic music, in 2005 Arnaud moves to London in search of new motivation. Pretty fast his amazing dj skills and spot-on selecta grabbed the attention of the local scene, leading him to regular slots at Fabric, T-Bar, Kubicle and Secret Sundaze among others.

With a particular instinct in scouting “next-big talents”, Arnaud has developed a certain ability to anticipate and shape the taste of the scene. Through Safari first and his newer imprint Children Of Tomorrow later, he has signed or reconfirmed artists like Delete, Jonny D, Rodhad, Terrence Dixon and Antonio De Angelis, before they reached higher popularity.

After releasing for a number of wide-known labels like 20:20 Vision, Cocoon Recordings and Bass Culture, Arnaud has found in Children Of Tomorrow and in the studio project Detect Audio (with fellow Antonio De Angelis) a natural habitat where to express his deep and industrial visions, where to embark in techno journeys at the edge of the stratosphere.

With heavyweights like Dettman, Rodhad and Ben Klock, regularly dropping his tracks more than once a set, we can firmly state that Arnaud Le Texier has become a key player of the techno scene.

The Analog Roland Orchestra, the one-man band who released one of the most acclaimed albums of 2012, “Home” on Ornaments, can handle analog machines like very few out there.
Recently remixed by Redshape on Ornaments, it`s out beginning of June with a new EP for Rotary Cocktail, two tracks of deep dubby orgasmic techno… and there is no better occasion than this to celebrate the new record.


Expect a live of major damage, straight machine sound between acid, deep and kraut-infected house music…

Mass Prod, already protagonist of a legendary live set for Marmo @ Loftus Hall last April the 4th, will be full of new energy, records and inspirations after his recent appearances at Circoloco Detroit and Resolute New York.

After recently dropping an experimental ambient debut album for Seattle label Further, Mass Prod has been lately partnering in studio with fellow Rufus of Bosconi for a new exciting house-techno project called Night Drivers.