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04.04.13 Marmo Music presents J VELEZ aka Professor Genius LIVE

Thursday 04 April 2013


MASS PROD :: LIVE :: Wo_land, Bosconi Records

RUFUS :: Bosconi Records


From 23:00 / 5 Euro entry @ Loftus Hall, Maybachufer 48, 12045 Berlin

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Following the epic return of Cab Drivers live at the last event, on April the 4th we strike back Loftus Hall with a very marmoreal guest and we honestly couldn`t go for a better choice.

Hailing from New Jersey, US, we welcome Jorge Velez, aka Professor Genius, for his only and exclusive Berlin gig of this European tour.

Moved by the love for synthesizers` sound, after playing keyboard in a post-punk band until the mid-nineties, Velez completely dedicated himself to electronic solo projects. Since then he has been creating his own diverse music, ranging from disco, releasing for the cult Italo revival imprint Italians Do It Better, to the the ambient and techno journeys for L.I.E.S and MMT Tapes.

It`s with the mysterious self-released MMT Tapes series of limited 12” that only recently Jorge Velez amazed the world, to the point that Rush Hour collected it into a double LP. This material, home-recorded between 1996 and 1999, stands out even today as a unique expression of sci-fi, futuristic house and techno, blending Drexcyan submarine mythology with Chicago House and the dreamy atmospheres of classic European synthesizer music. With that, J Velez clearly states that house music cannot be restricted to its functions of dancing only.

The influence of 70ties and 80ties synth experiments becomes more clear with his output as Professor Genius, in albums like A Jean Giraud (2007) and the recent Hassan for Ron Morelli`s Long Island Electrical Systems (L.I.E.S.), becoming already a timeless gem of cinematic ambient music.

In Hassan, Jorge pretends to play the part of an early 80ties Italian producer that armed with a bunch of machines wants to create the soundtrack for a movie about a cult of assassins in 13th century Persia. The movie actually does not exsist, it`s only a plot-line in Velez`s head.

More than ever, this example proves that Velez is more than an electronic producer. In music he also conveys the deep passion for films and figurative art. He likes to draw while listening to tons of music. We guess this process follows up and results eventually into creating sound compositions of immense imaginative power.

To conclude, the question comes natural, what the hell is he going to play for us at Loftus Hall ? There is no answer to this, there is no answer to the Genius` mystery. We can only wait impatiently to that night.

He declares that every live set sounds different to the other. This is enough to excite us already!



MASS PROD – Wo_Land :: Bosconi Records

New entry in the Marmo roster MASS PROD is going to present his new live performance.

Inebriated by the recent starting of Wo_Land, his own electronica and experimental label, Mass Prod will implement a new set up and heaps of new ideas from his hyper- prolific studio work.

Crowd mover, party king and Circoloco resident at DC10 for the last two summers, Martino has been scoring a bunch of impressively raw and eccentric cuts for Bosconi Records, Kontra Music and MUS.

BUT, forget about his discography for a night and be ready to be surprised by a highly eclectic show, made of mostly unreleased material, ranging from spaced-out electronics, mind-tricking arrangements and tape-recorded techno filth.

We bet that most of the stuff you`ll hear from him that night will see the light in the close future…





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