The Analog Roland Orchestra


Born in Poland, made in Berlin – Michal Matlak is the solitary human element among a band of classic, timeless, but quirky and idiosyncratic machines that
make up the Analog Roland Orchestra. Those instruments are essentially responsible for the shape of modern electronic music, and Matlak knows them

In 2015 he wrote and published an immense reference book on Roland synthesizers and drum machines, “R is for Roland”. But Matlak is not an academic stuffed in a tower with polished gear hidden in glass cabients; he is the author and producer of manifold records, from dub-techno to classic house and
weird-chill-out-stratosphere on imprints such as Ornaments, Rotary Cocktail, Poker Flat and Pastamusik, and is a renowned live musician. Its not a secret
that an ambient TARO set can morph into a one hour acid-house 303-707 melee.

Matlak reveals his power on the stage through one mantra: follow the heart, feel the gut, and never lose touch with the audience. It also helps that Matlak
reminds us not to take that shit too seriously! These are just machines; and yet under his touch they have the power to move people to dance and smile, creating a vibe that skirts the edge between madness and beauty, injecting sexual force onto the dance floor.