Tru West

Tru West – The Rise & Fall of The Eurojesters EP (feat. Remixes by Herva and Marcello Napoletano) – Marmo006 – Out 25.04.2017

Born by chance on an evening in October 2012, Tru West is an experimental music project originally formed by Martin Hopkins (aka Mass Prod) , Rufus Niccolo`and Herve Atse` Corti (aka Herva).
That evening, at Mass Hypnosis Research Studio in Berlin-Tempelhof, the magic happened with four intense hours of improvisation, free-style clarinet playing, records sampling, synthetic vibrations, a number of effects and overdubs.
That night they undressed of their dance music uniforms, they jammed towards the unknown, releasing some of their wildest and most visionary music instincts. That night they played the Decline of Western Civilization, whose recording came out months later in two parts for Marmo Music Recordings, featuring remixes by Dj Sotofett, Harmonious Thelonious and Mass Prod.
Whether you want to call it improvisational Jazz-Ambient or free-style Psychedelia, Tru West is essentially the expression of a call for freedom, an escape from the rigid structure of club music, yet leaving behind traces of it. Sounds from different ages and places get processed and dubbed through different kinds of techniques, shifting the space of sound, passing through music from tapes, field recordings, overdubs and the open microphone of the studio space itself.
Tru West is open to include any music head willing to speak out her/his loudest noises and visions. While in The D.O.W.C part 1 and 2 we find Raffaele Amenta amazingly performing on clarinet, later on, at Tru West live shows we have the inclusion of Stefano Meucci (member of jazz-tronic outfits Raccogliemento Parziale and Silent People) on percussions and others instruments. The latter has become integral part of Tru West, contributing, along with the others, in the production of The Rise & Fall of The Eurojesters EP, appearing on Marmo Music in April 2017 with Herva and Marcello Napoletano on the remixing duties.